Cointrendy is a publication free from outside influence. We pride ourselves on being the voice of the people and giving a spot light to the unseen. Call us the underground kings of the blockchain media industry. Be assured that we aren’t owned by a large conglomerate with anterior motives aiming to bleed people of their currency. Like some others that we will not mention here.

When it comes to our content the topics we cover are all related to cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Being that we want to give a voice and spotlight to the unheard our content will vary from mainstream news in the industry, too really interesting findings and publications from people in the community. Call our content “we the people” because if you have something that you have written that’s relevant in the space of cryptocurrency we will publish it. Something that brings us much pride is that we will never turn your article submissions down just because of your personal status. Just because you don’t manage a huge trust fund dosent mean what you have to say isn’t important.

The cryptocurrency space gets larger and more important each passing day. New startups arise and more people join the movement all the time. So the best thing you can do is educate yourself on the topic and that’s what we are here for. Our Blockchain 101 section was crafted for the new comers. We have the view of inclusion. No one should be shut out of the world of crypto just because they didn’t get into it in the old days. Spread the love and share the knowledge is how we operate and we encourage others to do so as well. Take what you learn from us and share it with others!

Cointrendy was founded January 9th, 2015 after our founder Joey Trend realized a need for an underground voice in the industry. We have had many redesigns due to the fact that we never went for venture capital funding rounds. Our founder felt that it wouldn’t fit the purpose of being underground if we had funding from the mainstream. Taking the stance how could you be fully independent if you owe your success to others with vested interests. Thats why we have worked from the ground up. Truly a started from the bottom with a shoe string budget mentality. Thats what in our minds makes us able to proudly say that we are fully independent.


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Its truly an honor to have such great people on our team. We strive to work with the brightest in the bitcoin/altcoin industries and our team reflects that. Our team is comprised of people from all walks of life. Most of our team members are based in the USA. However we work with people all around the globe. Whether USA based or from somewhere else everyone has the same goal. That goal is to spread the message of bitcoin and the blockchain. The authors of Cointrendy are an elite bunch and we are proud of that. Everyday the members of our team work hard to bring you the coverage you need and want. So when you see a donation address in some of our writers bio’s feel free to tip them for their hard work. On behalf of everyone on the Cointrendy team thank you for reading our content.


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                 Joey Trend – FOUNDER & CEO



                Jewel Rock – JOURNALIST